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Discover the USA from west to east with its unforgettable landscapes, lively cities, epic road trips, innovative cuisine, renowned shopping, performing arts venues, world-class museums, spectacular national parks, postcard-perfect beaches, glittering nightlife, iconic landmarks and magical theme parks.

Visit the White House in Washington DC, the Golden Gate Bridge
in San Francisco, the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Experience the vibrant nightlife and entertainment of Las Vegas or relax on the sun-kissed beaches of Miami. Mingle with the Hollywood paparazzi, watch how movies are produced at Universal Studios and be enchanted by Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.


What trips to do in America:

American Historic Highways – 15-Day Round Trip From New York

DAY 1: Arrive in New York and transfer independently to your hotel.

DAY 2: Pick up your rental car and drive to Cape Cod, a popular holiday destination with beautiful beaches, hotels and so much more.

DAY 3: In Cape Cod, visit cities founded by the Pilgrims before heading to Boston which has a rich history, diverse neighbourhoods and a legacy of arts and culture.

DAY 4: Drive along the Eastern coastline passing through Portland, Maine and then on to Acadia National Park where hiking and biking are popular activities. 

DAY 5: Journey across the Appalachian Mountains before crossing the border into Québec.

DAY 6: Discover Québec, the French Canadian province.

DAY 7: Visit the Citadel and Place-Royale. Continue to Montréal.

DAY 8: Drive to Ottawa, Canada’s national seat of government.

DAY 9: Experience Toronto, a dynamic city, with its ethnic diversity and the CN Tower.

DAY 10: Visit the thundering Niagara Falls and enjoy the breathtaking views.

DAY 11: Enjoy the Finger Lakes region en route to the state of Pennsylvania and the Civil War battleground, Gettysburg.

DAY 12/13: Drive to the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. and explore the many monuments and museums. Here you will also find the White House, the iconic home of America's president.

DAY 14: Travel to Philadelphia and visit Independence National Historical Park which preserves several sites associated with the American Revolution and the nation's founding history.

DAY 15: Drive back to New York in time for your departure flight.

West to East Roadtrip 22 days Los Angeles - New York City

Wild West and City Lights 14 days Los Angeles - New Orleans

Southern Blues Adventure 9 days New Orleans - New York City

East to West Roadtrip 22 days New York City - Los Angeles

Western National Parks Adventure 3 days Los Vegas

Big Easy to LA 12 days New Orleans - Los Angeles

Southeast Trail  11 days New York City - New Orleans

Canada Rockies Adventure 7 days Seattle 



Take a bite out of The Big Apple, New York, one of the most iconic cities in the USA and indeed the world and the undisputed centre of fasion, music, theatre, finance and great food.

New York is a patchwork quilt of immigrant communities, old and new - a melting pot of races, religions and cultures that infuse each street of every borough with a unique flavour.

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